Motorola Xoom and HTC Thunderbolt Prices Set

Rumors are confirmed that the Motorola Xoom and the HTC Thunderbolt prices are set. The Xoom will be priced at a high $800 and the Thunderbolt will be set at $249.99.  I was in high debate or not to buy the Motorola Xoom, but as a college student I don’t think I can afford $800 worth of anything. This “supposedly” game changer, cannot be that much better than the Apple Ipad. I think that the device will be better, but at twice the price, we should expect twice the quality. I simply don’t see that in this device. I hope to one day get my fingertips on this bad boy so I can see if it is worth the price.

The HTC Thunderbolt on the other hand is set a little high. With the Apple Iphone 4 coming out for Verizon three weeks before the Thunderbolt for $200, I think it will be tough for people to commit to that phone with the heavily anticipated Iphone for $50 less. I could see myself getting the Thunderbolt though too, should be interesting how people react to these new phones in the coming months!