HTC Thunderbolt Has Ability to do Voice + Data

With very little time left before Verizon releases some really great phones a picture of an employee document was released to the web. In this photo you can see that it is Verizon telling its sales staff to agree that the HTC Thunderbolt can preform voice and data at the same time, but do not pitch it as a positive because it is still in the works and could be glitchy. Pretty cool news, this doesn’t really excite me too much. I never find myself in a situation where I want to get on the web while talking but apparently AT&T thinks it’s the best thing since sliced bread with all their commercials about it.

One thing that I don’t understand is why or how this phone can do this. The reason why Verizon phones couldn’t do this in the past was due to their network, which is cdma. If I’m not mistaken I think that this phone is no different than any other… So I wonder why? Also the Iphone which is coming out a few days before the HTC Thunderbolt will not have this capability. Still pretty cool I guess!