How to Add ROMS to Your Android Device

Now that you have rooted your Android device, I bet you are wondering all the cool things you can do with it. The coolest thing by far is that you are able to completely change the interface of your device. This is also called changing the ROM, I get most of my ROMS from XDA-Developer forums. They make it easy and have a lot of very intelligent people making and distributing different  ROMS. Enough of the small talk, lets get started on the how.

Step 1) Download a ROM that is suitable for your phone. ( I suggest dragging the .zip file to the desktop so it is easy to find)

Step 2) Plug your rooted Android device into your computer.

Step 3) Enable file transfer from computer to phone on your device.

Step 4) Find device on computer and drag .zip file to phone

Step 5) Unplug phone and reboot device into “recovery mode.”  Help: If you don’t know how to access this google: how to boot (your device name) into recovery mode.

Step 5.5) You may want to preform a wipe to be EXTRA safe. It can be found in recovery mode as well.

Step 6) Nand Back-up your device

Step 7) Click Flash Zip from SD card- Find your .zip file- click on it and confirm

Step 8) Reboot system when asked and then enjoy!

Here is a video if you need a visual. Subscribe to my YouTube to stay up to date on all my videos!